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Paranoid after needle stick hcw at corona vaccination center

I am health care worker 30 years old
Pregnant (20 weeks)
from Saudi Arabia got exposed to needle stick injury at first of June 2021 after giving a patient (IM injection )in corona vaccination center .
The status of the patient is unknown couldn’t call the patient to do the serological testing because the patient is unreachable ,, after the exposure I washed the area and disinfected it .. I contacted the infection  control in my center they didn’t offer me pep didn’t get pep and I am not vaccinated to hepatitis b virus
After 17 weeks from exposure (4months) did the follow up tests:
HIV ag/ab combo 4th generation : non reactive
Anti-hcv: nonreactive
Hbsag: non reactive
Please can u kindly guide me professionaly what to do next and when to conclude the testing (serological testing )after the exposure ?
As guided is 6 months after exposure will be enough and conclusive to determine that I didn’t get infected after the exposure,,
Because the source patient in unknown ..I will not know if the patient is infected by HIV and HCV
And cdc stated that if patient is co infected by HIV and HCV the testing should be concluded at 12 months ..depending on my situation when should I conclude the testing .
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You have tested negative and your result is definitive. Practically, there is no factor that can lead to delay in sero-conversion albeit chemotherapy can but that doesn't seem to be your problem. The window period for a IV generation HIV test is 6 weeks not 12 weeks.

HIV sero-conversion rate is estimated at 0.3% after an accidental exposure to 'HIV infected blood'. I would also like to point out that you are only assuming this other person to be HIV positive.Your risk was practically non existent at the first place.

It's time for you to forget about this event and move on. No further testing is necessary.

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So, if I am to understand you, you had a needle stick, correct? Unless you inject yourself with the needle, it is not a risk.  This may be why they did not offer you PEP. With that being said, you have tested negative (expected). 4th generation tests which it sounds like you had are conclusive at 28 days and EVERY other test is conclusive at 3 months. You had a 4th generation negative and no risk if it was a simple needle stick for HIV, I'd consider it fact that you don't have HIV.  Congrats on the pregnancy.
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Thank you for your response yes I got a needle stick injury after giving the patient the corona vaccine ( dirty needle ) on my right hand .. i did not take pep , and yes I did the 4th generation hiv test up to 4 months after exposure it was non reactive , also did anti hcv. And hbsag test came non reactive after 4 months
As I read throug internet and cdc guidelines after needle stick it should be conclusive after 4 months if you got needle stick and tested by 4th generatio regarding HIV infection .
As I continue reading the guidelines they are telling if the exposure (needle stick )came from patient co infected with HIV and hcv the follow up testing should be extended to 12 months if you get infected by hcv and hiv simultaneously .. and I don’t know the status of patient ? Does hcv cause delayed hiv seroconversion
And excuse my English it’s my second language,, and thank you again for your response,,
So, a needle stick from a dirty needle is not a risk for HIV.  The only risks for HIV are to have unprotected vaginal or anal sex or to Share and inject with drug needles.  Injecting with needles is different than a needle stick. You actually never had a risk for HIV and am surprised that the hospital you work for didn't tell you this.  Regardless, you tested conclusively negative (expected as you had no risk) for hiv and do not need to test again.  Period, nothing to add, nothing you could add to the situation. You don't have hiv and should stop worrying about this.
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