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Paranoid from injection

I live in Thailand. I never had HIV risk from sex or drug injection.
However, last month I went to inject for rabies shot and tetanus shot at the hospital. The nurse did not open the new needles in front of me. She already prepared the needles when I entered the room.
I asked her the needles are new or not. She said "the syringes are old but needles are new". At first, I am shocked and asked back "the syringes used on somebody before me?" and she reply "no, I mean I used this syringe to draw the solution from the ampule, inject into the vial for mixing the medicine and then draw back again,change to smaller needle and inject to you".
She also said "our hospital have the medical standard, these syringes which used on you will be disposed immediately too"

By the way, I still worry. Maybe she was not tell the truth. Maybe she forgot to change the new one for me. Anyone has comment about this? Should I go to test again?

Ps.I had tested for HIV 3 times before because my ocd.
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What she said is correct and i understand what she meant.
No you shouldnt test again, your tests are conclusive
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Thanks for answer. I did not mean I tested 3 time after this injection. I mean I tested 3 times in this one year period. But after this injection, I have not tested yet.
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You have no reason to test after this injection. You had no HIV exposure. Move on and find something more important to worry about.
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