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Peeled skin with Paper cut finger can accept HIV Transmission?

I had sex with prostitute (Safe sex only-used Condom).
Before  sex I was touching her private part(Don't remember which finger i used).I did not do fingering (I think only if she cums then it means fingering was done,As far as I remember there was no fluid  from her private part).
The problem is I had PEELED/BROKEN skin due to cold with paper cut in my middle finger.I was just caressing her private  part.As I dont remember which finger I used,is there possibility for HIV transmission if I had used Middle finger ?
After coming back home I washed my hands,at that time in my middle finger  there  was small  bleeding (But only  after washing,not before that).
Please  help me and I am confused totally  due to this.
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Congrats on having protected sex. The cut on your finger making contact with vaginal fluids or genitals does not warrant HIV concern. HIV does not survive in open air. Fingering, mutual masturbation etc.. Are not HIV risks
Hello Randall,But in other forums  they mentioned that it is possible for transmission.So I am confused.How long virus can remain active in vaginal fluid ? Also is  it  possible  for sex  worker  to finish sex  without having Orgasm ?
You will have to discuss another forum's concept with the other forum that say it can happen because no one here believes it and is not interested in what they told you.
I agree my question might be inappropriate.This question came out  of depression/confusion and I was not sure what to believe in.After seeing the below comments from CurfewX it is clear now.
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We can't tell you why other forums offer incorrect information, or state that something is a risk when it is only a theoretical risk - meaning, yes, maybe it COULD happen, but it never HAS happened.

In this forum, we adhere to the position that in adults, HIV is ONLY transmitted by:
1) having unprotected, penetrative vaginal or anal sex, or
2) sharing IV drug needles with other IV drug users.

If you do not do either of those things, you will never have to worry about HIV.

This is an HIV forum only.  We cannot tell you about the sex worker's ability to orgasm.
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