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Peoples honesty

I have just found out that the person whom i had unprotected sex with on numerous occasions has recently had a hiv test. I was initially worried about his sexual status as i did not no the full extent of his sexual history. I am female. He does not take drugs, or homosexual although he does have tatoos. He says he was tested negative for hiv and anything else....
can i trust him that his results were negative? Would a person lie about this sort of thing? His behaviour is normal and wouldnt health clinics morally have some sort of responsability to go about contacting his sexual helath partners?

Any imput would be most appreciated

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Why would he lie to you?  The fact that he had an HIV test demonstrates that he is taking responsibility - which is a good thing.

Plus, he does not engage in high risk activities as per your assesment.  Why are you so concerned?  Have you thought about a test to address your fear?

No, the clinics would not contact you - they don't know who he had sex with.  

Add condoms to your love making next time.
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It's your health and I don't believe when it comes to your health that you should trust anyone. If you want to know YOUR status test at 3 months post exposure and collect your conclusive test result. Always use condoms until you are in a monogamist relationship and you've both been tested together.
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Pwople lie, through their teeth, while smiling and being very open about other areas of their life,  
Like Teak says, test at >3 months, don't use someone else for a proxy test.
I'm sure things will be fne for you.
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OMG!! He's had an HIV test, Perhaps he is worried he has contracted it from you.
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