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Persistant symptoms after 14 months of unprotected sex

On september 2018. I had 3 unprotected intercourses with a female of unknown status. Few weeks later, severe ARS symptome appeared that left me bedridden for a couple of weeks, among the symptoms were, ferver, nightsweats, diarrhea, joints pain, oral thrush (identified by GP), tingling sensations on limbs, headaches, weight loss (8KG 15% of total mass), vertigo and dizziness, pink rash mostly located on my chest, swollen lymph nodes on chest nipple area, painful armpits and clavicular area, prone to colds and constantly clogged nose, 3 weeks after incidence, did a CBC, in which i found out that the lymphocytes numbers have drastically decreased for 17% with an abnormal increase in white  blood cells.
After consulting with my GP i was sent to a sexual helath clinic in the capital in which i had a 4th generation test 30 days after the last exposure whoch turned out to be negative. Fearing that the test was inconclusive i had retested 47 days after last exposure with supposedly a 4th generation test (i was not told of the generation i just assumed it was 4th because results took a week). I was more or less reassured and had to wait for the 3 months window period to do a confirmatory test.
I test at 4 months 17 days in UK, and the results were negative for all STDs.
Satisfied with the results I stopped thinking about HIV but couldnt get in a relationship because i was constantly afraid that the window period was 6 months and that a delayed seroconversion must have occured. I couldnt get tested at 6 months d after because of my work so i neglected it.
And now about 13 months later some symptoms like the pain in armpits and swollen nodes, cold sores outbreak and flu like symptoms have re emerged making me fear the worst. I have returned to UK in which i intend on getting tested and get results next week.
I have decided to get tested again because i came across a post of a person from Vietnam that seroconverted more than 9 months after exposure, and the tests were giving false negatives.
And also i decoded to get tested because i have never been so sick with these particular symptoms
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You have tested conclusively negative for HIV.  The fixation on HIV as the cause of your symptoms is preventing you from finding the true cause of your issues, which isn't HIV.  There are a multitude of potential causes for your pain and swollen nodes that are infinitely more likely to be the cause of your symptoms.  No qualified HIV doctor would recommend that you continue testing for HIV, based on a story you read on the internet.  HIV is the one cause you can rule out.
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