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Persistent cough, HIV ARS?

So back in November I received oral from a person who goes on CL and give oral to strangers, I know it was stupid. I know that receiving oral is very low risk. The problem is that at the time I was treating HPV warts with a medicine that dries and irritates the skin.The wart was gone but my skin was still healing. After a while I started having symptoms of cold/flu. After a while I didn't give it much thought. At four weeks I got a full STD check and everything came back negative. Literally right after I started having dry cough and has continued for over a month now! It's on and off! I've started having throat issues at times as well. At six weeks I went to my doc to check my cough and got the hiv  ag/ab combo test. It came back negative. My doc gave me anti-biotics and nasonex. I finished my meds and I still have this cough! My doc wants me to take a pulmonary test now. My question is what is the chance that I contracted hiv and it just hasn't shown on the test? I am really nervous about this! My doc also said to start taking Omesec as well. I hope this is just a bad case of bad allergies since I am prone to that, but I've never had a cough last this long. I've also had itchy skin and some area very dry.
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Receiving oral is no risk.
"if" these where ars symptoms your 6 week test would have been positive because ars is your bodies reaction to acute hiv infection.
During my window period I also developed a dry cough that lasted a little over a month. At times it seemed to be about gone but wasn't. Was diagnosed with a slightly swollen voice box. Not sure why.
Wish I could say what it was but I never found out.
I can tell you after a year I still tested HIV negative.

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Ok well I guess I am still nervous seeing that this cough won't go away.
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