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I am a 40 year old married male with both hetero and gay experiences durring wedlock.  Although I do not have any preceived risk; several visits to bath houses with one protected annal encounter and several unproteted oral encounters with ejaculation in the mouth both giving and receiving.   I have also had some unprotected vaginal sex with other married mom's of whom I know there status.

I reciently had a full physical with blood work, would HIV be detected durring the process?  Also I am applying for life insurance will HIV be detected durring that process?

Thank you!
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Sounds like no significant risks on your gay experiences.  I submit that unless you saw the test results for the "married moms" that you had vaginal intercourse with, you don't really know their status.  Admittedly, the risk that they would be infected is low, but unprotected vaginal intercourse is a definite risk and you should know your status definitively.

A full physical and bloodwork does not show you your HIV status.  The only way to know if you have acquired HIV is by taking a test 3 months after your last exposure.  
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Thank you!  I am almost 100% positive of the status of the married "soccer" mom's I had unprotected sex with (they were close freinds and still remain close).  What about a life insurance test?  I am doing that physical and blood work in the next few weeks.
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Depends on whether the life insurance company is requiring you to have an HIV test as part of their underwriting of your policy.  If so, then you will have the test and a result.  If  not, then there is no other diagnostic test that is part of a routine physical exam that would provide you with that information.
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