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Please evaluate my HIV risk


I have risky exposure with HIV+ lady csw(she told me after exposure).After that a swelling was found in my scrottum (scanned benign) and I have consulted a urologist and told him about my exposure.He gave me doxyxycline LDR1 forte and flavospas 200 for a week.When I was consuming this I have lost subcutaneous fat from my thighs,legs,hands and palms and veins were sprouting up.and inside palm it increases redness.My left salivary gland became swollen and lymph nods in the neck became swollen.For this I consulted a ENT and he has given me moxclav and roothealer but still the swelling of salivary aswellas lymph nods are there creating irritation and drymouth.These are the symptoms I have.

I have did P24 antigen test on 28th day it was non reactive.Elisa test on 42nd day non reactive.CMIA test (DUO) on 75th day it was non reactive and on 92nd day Elisa test it was also nonreactive.My doctor asked me to check CD4 count but it was 389.CD4 % is 30.8.

My question is does any body tell me what is my status? Iam negative at 92nd day whether any chance to change my status.Whether drop in CD4 count is because of my stress and anxiety? whether drop in CD4 count makes body to delay the production of antibodies?

Please anybody help in this
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What was your risk activity and did you use a condom?
at first used but at last for nearing ejacualation she removed the condom and I ejacualated inside her
4th generation at 28 days is conclusive so it is abnormal to keep testing.

Only risk for HIV is insertive unprotected vaginal or anal, so if that is what your description of what happened after you took the condom off was insertive then you ran a risk. However the conclusive HIV test proves that you did not contract HIV so that is the end of the HIV story for you.
No one can diagnose you from here, and you have no medical background so can't either, but if you are sure there is something wrong then consult a doctor.
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your CD4 count is low.. Stress could be one of the reasons, this fast drop in CD4 is kind of abnormal  within 3 months post your exposure, unless you are considered one of fast progressor which i doubt..

your multiple Antibody tests & DUO are good indicator showing no response form your immune system plus no detection of HIV P24,

anyhow, if i was in your place, i will retest again at 6 months mark ( antibody & CD4 )

by the way what was the CD8 count and CD4/CD8  Ratio ?

did you make a complete STD checkup ?
That is bad advice to test again. 4th generation at 28 days is conclusive so multiple testing past that point is just fixating on something you can''t have.

You would be better off getting therapy so you can live your life properly again instead of in some terrifying make believe world of disease that your mind has created where you might be dying.
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I tested hep b, hcv and vdrl on 99th day all negative.
Not other stds in ur view what other std's I have to check?
If Iam a fast progressor but why body is not producing antibody and p24?
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I have checked cd4 count on 48th day not on 3rd month
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Cd8 count is 1253
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