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Please help - is testing in 6 months necessary?

Hi, I need your help. I´ve already post my question about 3 months testing here. I had unprotected sex on August 29th. I got tested after 8 weeks, 11.5 weeks and 18 weeks - all negative. BUT! I still have symptoms as swollen lymph nodes in neck, groin and ears, white tongue (candida), I´m very tired, have night sweats. I called to some doctors and asked them, if it is necessary to get tested after 6 months. Some of them told me: No, but some of them were not sure, they said that it is good idea to get tested after 6 months. Please do you think that negative result in 4 months can turn positive in 6 months? I´m really freaking out because of the stupid symptoms, I cannot sleep. Thank you for your opinion!
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Directly to the question as asked in the title:  No.

These questions were answered in your previous recent thread. Testing is never necessary any later than 3 months, and rarely later than 6-8 weeks. And test results always overrule exposure history and symptoms, no matter how high risk the exposure was and no matter how typical for HIV the symptoms seem to be.

These issues were discussed in detail in another thread just a couple of hours ago. Please read it:


So for sure you don't have HIV. Continue to work with your doctor about your symptoms if they continue or you remain concerned.
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Ok thank you so much. I am worried because I talked to lot of specialists because of that thing and some of them told me that testing at 6 months is important for people with immune disorder, some of them told me that it is conclusive after 3 months and some of them recommenden testing after 6 months so that makes me confused and this is the reason why am I worried. Also I need your opinion on that - The boy who was my exposure took oraquick home test. It was negative after 20 minutes but a faint line next to T appeared few minutes after 40 minutes had passed. They say that the test is invalid after 40 minutes and that the lines can be overdeveloped. But still it seems weird to me that the line showed just few minutes after the validity of the test. What do you think? Can this means something? He took the test after 4 months we spent a night together. Also he took another oraquick and it was negative. Thank you for your opinion, I am worried if the line after 40 minutes can mean something. Thanks a lot!
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Anyone please?
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Hi I   belongs to India. I as well tested 4 times 2 and 3 month combo test and tridot test at 6 months all negative... However i still has symptoms like acne, gassy stomach and swollen nodes. i tested positive for HSV. i don't know whom to consult in India as u know very few std doctors could be there whom we do't know. but i feel and hope that both of us conclusively negative. please keep in touch. please gives ur thought what u feel. I don't know about tridot. My exposure was at Nepal with a csw while condom was slip at withdrawl.
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Hi thank you for your comment.  My exposure was vaginal sex with one boy - without condom. I feel swollen lymph nodes (doctor said it is swollen, I go to doctor because he thinks it is because of my thyroid but I don´t know). I have candida on my tongue. I also have problem that I have boyfriend for long time (4 years) and yes, I cheated him once in summer in US (I am from Czech) and didn´t tell him anything because I would never think that this is possible). Anyways, I had big fear because my boyfriend has health problems since I came back. He had 2 absceses in his throat, they had to do tonsilectonomy to him and now he has tonsilitis again. I took the test at 2, 3 and 4 months and everybody say that I can calm down, that it is conclusive after 2 months, rarely after 3 months. But still I am very scared. Especially when this boy took the oraquick test and it was positive after 40 minutes. But he also took ICMA test before the oraquick and it came negative (but I just had so bad feeling that his result is incorret that I wanted him to take the home test - stupid idea)..
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