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Please help, will I acquire HIV

Dear Dr

I was on a business trip with some friend at China, I went to a massage parlour on 20 oct 2010, I did not have a vaginal sex nor oral or anal sex with her, what she did was only a handjob without any additional lotion or oil, later on on 26 oct 2010, I went to another massage parlour also did the same thing, but this time she put some oil in my penis and gave me a handjob, I remembered she told me that she was on her period, my question is :

1. Will I acquire hiv from this oil massage handjob, what if she touch her vagina and touch the oil (she said she was in her period), also I feel like my first experience on 20 oct 2010, she played to hard on my penis which cause feel like a bit pain, but no cut can be seen at the penis, I am afraid that if the oil is contaminated with her blood and entered the unseen wound in my penis.

2.  I have 2 time  sore throat  in 2 weeks after exposure and GERD (already taken nexium and settled) also muscle pain and a mild fever yesterday and  all  of it only last for 1 days , also I have one rash (round and red and a bit brown in the middle of the circle) near my groin, I went to doctor yesterday he told me that was because of fungus and prescripe the Mycospor Bifonazol, it has been 3 days since I used it, but still have not to much effect.

3.  I plan to did a test, will I have to wait for 4 weeks, because I read the earliest is 4 weeks for 60-65% result, I also plan to take another test on 8 weeks, is the 8 weeks final for my case?

Please help as I am really scared of aqcuired HIV ,I rather be death if I have so, and  I cannot sleep and take a sleeping pill everyday, your response is really a big help for me, thanks.

This discussion is related to hiv-testing after 6 weeks ???.
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