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Please help_Indian

Hi ,

Am very scared today.Please help me guys.
I had protected sex 3 times with different  indian Sex workers.
Condom was not broken as Sperm didnt came outside when checked my myself.

1st in last year 2011 Nov
2nd in last year 2012 July
3rd in This year 2013 march

Its been more than 3 days am suffering from feverand cold
I have done my CBC blood test today , and am very much scared by looking into that

My WBC count is 4.3 (Normal is 4 to 10500)
Netrophly is 33 (normal is 44 to 50)
Lymphocytes is 49 which is more than usual..

I am getting so much scared , Thinking all day and weired thoughts are coming into my mind
Plese need you advice

Is smeway Its looking like all because of HIV infetion ??
What possiable chances I have been contracted with HIV infection ?
Does 4300 WBC count is Okay ??
Is HIV will react in same way ??

I am getting married soon in month of Aug ..
I am very scared of this incident :( !!

Please help

Thanks in advance for help !!
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Speak to your DR. It has NOTHING TO DO WITH HIV.
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Guys today i did my CBC count again where in I have
WBC count is 3900 and Lympotypes are 48

Please explain day by day its getting decrease ..am getting worried

Please suggest somethng
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Move on.
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can some1 put some more picture ..am so scared please
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Talk to your Dr about the low WBC, has nothing to do with HIV.
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Thanks Vance2335.

But what about the low WBC count ....Its been dropped very much.
I knw that Low WBC count is not indication of if person is having HIV ot not
but still in my case

What are the chances if SW is HIV+ve ..even though i am at risk or not.
Cant come out of this situation.Taking this as my last part of life .

Please reply !!
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You had protected sex, you had no risk for HIV.
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