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Please help - hiv testing and symptoms

About 5.5 weeks ago I had unprotected sex with a college girl. I was completely wasted (no excuse), don't really remember most of it but regret it every moment. We did have sex more than once. I have a girlfriend as well which is cause much more stress in my life because I'm clearly a scum bag. I've since asked the girl if she's been tested or had anything and she said no.

My timeline after exposure is below:
Day 10 - got a cold. No fever. Last less than a week.
Day 13 - go in for std testing - full panel. All negative, including hiv. hiv was the viral load test, comes back undetected. Doc tells me it's ok to move on with my life and girlfriend.
Day 21 - stomach pains and diahrea. Lasts 2 weeks. Always had ibs and went to the bathroom 4 times a day but it spiked up to 7 times a day. Stomach making constant noises. Back pain as well.
Day 26 - full std panel repeated. All negative. Hiv was antibody test.
Day 34 - hiv antibody test again. Negative. Doctor again tells me to move on with my life and girlfriend.
Day 38 - girlfriend comes down with fever and back pain.
Current - freaking out

I plan to get tested again at day 46, but my questions are as follows:

Are any of my hiv tests reliable? My doctor said since I had the VL test at 13 days and the antibody test at 34, I should be confident in my result that I didn't catch he virus and move on.
Is it true that 90% of people test positive for hiv antibodies at 28 days?
Are any of my symptoms telling of hiv infection?
Should I repeat any other tests at 46 days ( herpes, syphillis, etc)?
Should I have this girl get tested?

Any help is very much appreciated. I realize this is the biggest mistake of my life and am dreading what may come of this one mistake.

Thank you all for your support
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If you had the 4th generation DUO test done at 28+ days post exposure, it would be CONCLUSIVE for HIV. If you had this test, you do NOT need to retest as it detects both antibodies AND antigens.    

None of your symptoms correspond to HIV.
They can be attributed to a cold, the flu, your IBS and/or anxiety.

If all of your tests are negative, (HIV AND STD'S) there is no reason to ask this other woman to test since she obviously did not infect you with anything.

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Hi Ruby - thank you so much for your response. My test at 34 days was just the antibodies test I believe. Though the PA did say it was 4th generation which confused me a bit because I don't believe they tested for the antigens. I peaked over at his computer as he was ordering the test and i just saw the IGG/IGM labeling on it. To be honest, I don't think he really knew which test it was... That said, I had the VL test at 13 days (different doc), which was negative. The doc said it would detect down to 20 copies, so if I was infected, I would be detectable within the 13 days with the ultra sensitive test.  With this test and the antibody test at 34 days, would this mean it's conclusive? Should I go back and ask for a duo test? I'm in NYC, so I assume they are using the latest tests available, but not sure where to find a duo test vs. an antibody test.
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If the PA said he was using a 4th generation test, then he was no doubt referring to the DUO. If you are still doubtful, you can call and talk to someone about your specific test. Lucky for you you're in NYC........I'm sure they used the correct and CONCLUSIVE tests.
I would be totally assured I was negative, but you gotta do what YOU gotta do to move on down the road. No shame in that.

Always play safe!  
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4th week testing is not considered conclusive by anyone

I would suggest take a 6 week test which in many coutries (germany,geeece etc) is considered conclusive under the following circumstances

Not infected with hiv 2 or a rare strain of hiv 1

You dont suffer from immnudefincies that will not allow the productiom of antibodies

As for the rest of yohr questions

Viral load test are accurte but they are not a stand alone test

You should have faith in your results, although its better be 100% safe

I dont think you should ask the girl to test the chanches of her having hiv are minimal.
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