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Please help in agony!

Hi, I’m very upset right now and don’t know where to turn to. As a child I got TB of the lymph node and it was treated. Now I am 30 years old. However recently at my work there was HIV testing and they were handing out pamphlets which mentioned opportunistic infections and TB aka tuberculosis was on the list. Apparently if you have that it means you have AIDS. Since I had it as a kid I was so shocked. I have tested negative for HIV, my only exposure was French/deep kissing a guy. But why is TB mentioned as an aids defining illness?? If someone has TB does it mean they have AIDS? I read on your forum dr Hunter had said in the 1990s they would diagnose people with AIDS even without a positive HIV test! I am panicking so much right now.
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Think you probably misunderstood the information. This is incorrect. These are two separate infections. They can be co-infections, sure. But having one does not mean you will have the other. You've never had a risk. You sound to suffer anxiety. Here is how you get HIV. Have unprotected vaginal or anal sex or share IV drug needles. That's it. No risk. I would seek some help with a psychologist for anxiety.
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But does TB automatically imply AIDS? as it was listed in opportunistic infections people with HIV and AIDS get! What if I was infected with HIV as a child?! Would the test I took today still be able to detect an old HIV infection from like 25 years ago? I took a combo hiv test.
no. And I already really answered that. To get HIV, you have to have had a RISK. There is nothing else to say. Your anxiety is top level and that is the illness you need to overcome.
Wait, so the test taken today would not be able to detect an old infection? Let’s say I was somehow infected as a child and I tested today 25 years later with a combo antigen antibody hiv test?
To get HIV, you have to have had a RISK.
I will answer one last time. You are over the top with anxiety. It's a problem. I answered your question. You had no risk for HIV. Therefore you do not have HIV. Regardless of a childhood infection of TB. That's IT.
Ok but here doctor clearly says “At one time, AIDS was diagnosed clinically, regardless of HIV test result -- and by that standard, it seems you have AIDS”

This is a post on your forum! It says you can have aids without being hiv positive. You keep saying I have anxiety but of course anyone would after reading this!
Last post .READ that. It says he didn't have HIV. And the expert doctor was getting irritated AND . . . Big part of this? The guy who wrote had an ACTUAL risk. You didn't. Stop wasting your and our time. NO RISK. NO HIV.
If you are going to refuse to believe us, then you can speak to your own doctor. take care
It is time to move on, instead of trying to become an hiv researcher with no experience. If you can't stop wasting your time, see a therapist because your ideas are not logical because you misinterpret what you read.
I want to ask something, just one last question. If I have unprotected vaginal intercourse with someone who is HIV infected, is there a 100% guarantee of me being infected with HIV too? Like is HIV infection GUARANTEED after unprotected sex with someone who has the virus?
From your overly dramatic title and always just one more question after you were already answered, I have to say again, please see a therapist for the disorder you suffer which is ANXIETY.
Your questions are too much and make little to no sense as they are driven by anxiety. If someone has unprotected vaginal or anal sex with someone who has HIV, the risk rate of transmission is LESS THAN 1 PERCENT. Meaning a 99 percent chance they do not transmit it. Please stop asking questions about hiv and see a doctor for your mental health. I say that from a place of caring

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