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Please help me assess my HIV risk i am very anxious and worried

Hi all, 3 days ago i made a terrible mistake. While under influence of drugs i had sex with a street worker which also is a drug addict (heroin). Considering that this demographic is risky, what kind of risk am i facing. First she gave me oral with condom on. After 5 minutes , we had vaginal intercourse with the same condom (which i hope she didn't puncture with teeth). After i ejaculated i can't thursting while my penis got softer which maybe made condom slightly slip , and once removing i didn't hold the base and my penis slipped out a bit. As it is right now i am anxious and suicidal, i already deal with hypochondria and this is a huge burden on my mental health, please helpe out.
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You can't get hiv when you do oral so a condom was not necessary. Only the head needs protection so you had zero risk from the vaginal. If the condom was so loose that your penis head was exposed then it would have fallen off so that didn't happen. You have to be penetrating to have a risk when you have vaginal so a soft penis can't penetrate.
THere is nothing to worry about so you should stop having suicidal thoughts about this non-event.
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