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Please help me guys, got confused from french kissing

Hello guys,
I need your help please, I did a very stupid thing, 2 days ago I went with some friends and got
drunk then I saw a girl whose HIV status is unknown and we talked a bit then she started to hug me and we started to kiss, I tried
no to be deep kissing and not to touch tongues, then she hugged me powerfully  like my dick
between her legs and I ejected in my clothes.
I know last part of ejection is not risk because both of our clothes were on. And according to my knowledge to that point that kissing was not risky thing bur today I Google and found  that there are two types of kissing the closed mouth and open mouth, and there is a risk in the open mouth because of there is blood or not although I read on a forum before, it doesn't matter, kissing is safe.
The thing is her lips were super dry, I don't know of this means anything but we both drank beer, so I started to fear of she had blood in her mouth.
I don't know what should I do, shall I go to emergency room and ask for pep or ignore the case and live my life.
Also to say, I have a girlfriend shall I do any precaution.
Shall I do any testing in the future to make I don't have anything, or continue my life with my girlfriend.
Thanks you guys
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In the history of HIV, no one has ever been infected by kissing. HIV is not spread this way. You had zero risk which obviously means nothing to test and definitely not a reason to get PEP.
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Your risk was nonexistent, as you have already been advised by Chima7
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