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Please help me with these symptoms

Hi to everybody here..
my prays and best wishes for all...
Doctor, i had unprotected sex on 18 March. i spent two weeks quite normally but then i felt fatigue and headache. it started all at once about a week ago. i went for a rapid test by ICT method on 1st April and resulted negative. i went for 2nd rapid test on 3rd April and came up Negative. and i went for the 3rd rapid test on 5th April and this too came negative.
i am having mild fever with tepmrature  of 37 degree and mild headache constantly with short intervals. i am going through extreme level of fatigue, anxiety and unrest.
i have no skin rashes and my body appears clean as usual. however, i do feel slight itches but no rashes or changes in skin. Please help me and tell me that my headache and mild temparture can be a symptom.?
my throat is fine and no other symptom i ahve right now...

i went to the HIV screening centre, they recorded my history, they will conduct the CPR after i complete 24 days post exposure period. do you think the ICT is more sensitive than other tests and hopefully the result will be the same in the next examination..?

I will be grateful for your support and comments...
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You can obtain your conclusive test result 3 months post exposure.
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Thank you very much for your response...
i will definitely wait for that 3 months period. however, i feel panic, i need peace to learn more about these symptoms...
can you please tell me about these sypmtoms..
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HIV has no specific symptoms and we don't discuss symptoms.
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