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Please help me....Im so upset - HIV Symptons?

Im a male, 36.    I drive lorrys for a living which means pretty long days. Im married .   about 3 weeks ago i gave up a smoking habit that lasted about 8 months.

Just over 2 months ago I had protected sex with a sex worker,  she performed oral on me (with condom) however I gave her oral unprotected....
I went for a HIV 1+2 test 3 days ago,   it came back negative,     hep b  negative too   and syphilis also negative.

Ive had a constant headache for about 2 weeks now  and since my test ive developed a white rash-like covering at the rear of my tongue.
My hands have been tingling with pins and needles for the last 24 hours also........
Im worried out of my mind, I cant stop crying as I know my wife would like to start a family one day.
The thought of being infected is killing me,   i REALLY cant belieeve I was so stupid to get a cheap sex fix like i did......
Do my symptoms suggest that I am indeed infected with HIV?      I spoke to the clinic today,   she said the test I had is well over 90% conclusive but to come back for  another test in 3 weeks time (this will be the 3 month mark).

Can anyone advise me as to whether I need to really panic now. . . . .why are these symptoms showing up when I have just had a test saying Im negative???   Its been just over 2 months since the sex took place....

please help

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You had no risk from proteted sex.
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Hi Vance,   I understand that by using a condom for penetrative sex I am sure to be unable to contract a STD,
But my main worry is that I performed Cunnilingus on the girl,   unprotected in any way.

Whats bugging me is the fact I have a constant headache,  a white thrush like condition on my tongue and pins/needles in my arms, hands.....

Ive just checked out ''Anxiety symptoms'' on another website,     Headache and pins/needles seem to be pointing to anxiety also,    which is a relief because obviously I am anxious!!!   But the 'white tongue' ??    Could that be a reaction to giving up smoking???    Ive given up in the past without this symptom.....

The HIV test I had was a ''4th Generation'' test -  taken after 62 days from the sexual episode.......Is the 4th Gen  test considered to be 'cast iron' after 60 days???
Many thanks for commenting on my post - very much appreciated Vance
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i bet you have had a white tongue always and never noticed it before , bad breath causes white tongue , low electrolyte count , below par oral hygiene , etc etc etc ...

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