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Please help.. urgently.. please

I had sex with a sex worker 3 years back.. it was unprotected.. i didn't ejaculate inside her.. i was drunk n not in my senses.. it was followed by fever, sore throat and night sweats after 1 month of exposure.. i had DNA PCR after 17 days of exposure.. then ELISA after 1.5 months, 3 months and then again DNA PCR and ELISA both after 5.5 months (I fell ill again). Afterwards, I had several ELISA antibody tests in last three years and all these were negative.. I am having persistent dry cough which does not go away..
But what happened last week is, I had unprotected sex with a known girl for the first time (first time with her) 1 week ago and i had sex with her again 5 days ago.. within a week.. she also fell ill and is having fever from last 3 days with sore throat and headache.. i have got tested last week for ELISA and it as negative.. I am freaking out what to do.. please suggest as I can't tell her about my history otherwise she will leave me.. I am not able to gather things as I had many negative tests since last 3 years n still such things are happening which is making me paranoid. please suggest what should i do??
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Take a DUO 28 days ((no later)) post exposure as an indication, and follow up with an antibody test at 3 months post exposure for a conclusive result ((as you were advised in your previous posts)).
If this kind of risky behaviour makes you worry so much, why don't you start making a habit of using protection to avoid all the anxiety in the future.
I am not worried about myself.. as the opposite partner is normal.. m worried about her.. because she had fever n sore throat 1 week after having s** with me.. Given my statistics of last three years.. please suggest if she needs testing? Also, I have got tested today also, ELISA 1&2 Antibody + p24 Antigen Detention with negative result n index value 0.268, after 2 years and 10 months of potential exposure.. Is there any chance that antibody don't get generated? or my being an Elite controller or Long Terms non progressor?
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You tested conclusively negative from your risk 3 yrs ago.
You looked for the virus itself, p24, and antibodies and all where negative.
Try and get your anxiety under control, it can't wreck your immune system.
but she's having flu like symptoms exactly within 1 week after unprotected s** with me.. this is adding to my anxiety.. further is antibody+p24 antigen (duo test) conclusive after 3 years?
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Further, i have lost 6 Kg weight in last 1.5 months with regular diet. also i got bumps and pimples on my scalp last month for 2 weeks (gone with treatment). Pl suggest what further to do?
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After 3 months an antibody test is conclusive unless you have an immune disorder then 6 months.
Generally an individual will know this because health issues will lead to this diagnosis earlier in their life.
Once having an HIV scare every health situation gets blamed on an undetectable infection.
People get sick especially during the winter.
Your anxiety and concern is beyond forum help.
You may need to see a professional to help you with your anxiety.
By the way, if you think you infected yourGF with HIV, have her tested at the right time.
Her negative should bring you peace.
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