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Please share views also I have Posted it in the Expert forum

1) Total 2 sex Exposure all where Protected with Sexworker and Unprotected Oral (Singapore) recent one is 13 week before and earlier was 6 month before. (Single time varginal and less than 2 min Oral I Was reciving **)
2) Tested with HIV ELISA Sandwich was negative after 2 month of last exposure exactly. was NON REACTIVE and  for all STD (NON Reactive)
3) Tested with ACON Rapid test after 3-months; showed "very very faint" line at T area. (Home Test)
4) Again Tested in the LAB(3month 1week) was "negative"  They said test takes time and they said they tested it with ELISA on blood serum.
5) Again Tested with ACON Rapid test kit after 3month 1 week months; showed "very very faint" line at T area. hardly visible. (Home Test). facts is that ACON Rapid test kit is not approved in USA. Heard about it..

2month after Results are Test Value: 0.022 ; Cut off Value: 0.300 ; Test Result: Negative

My few Questions:
1) What result I need to consider as a final result.
2) Why this ACON test kit showed me a very very faint line.
3) Do u have any info regardin this ACON test kit are they approved by FDA etc.
4) I have girlfirnd I want to marry with her and marriage has been scheduled after 1 month what Should I do. should i move on and marry with her or wait for 6month test.
5) What are the chances that during Elisa test lab techniqtion might not seen that faint line.

Best Regs..

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thank you lizzie...
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you have a conclusive result from a lab for a NO RISK situation.  what more do you want?

time to move on and accept your negative status.
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Yes I just concern with very very faint line I hve seen. I'm in trouble maybe number of people maybe in troubles bcz of this vary vary faint line...  there should be some kind of quality control
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NOTHNG you are describing above put you at risk for hiv.

no one has ever contracted hiv from receiving a blow job and you're not going to make history by being the first to do so :)
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