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Positive then negative hiv tests?

I have had no risky behavior or incidents in the last 12 months. Just my girlfriend and we always use a condom. Did my yearly check with a rapid hiv blood test at the local hospital. Came back positive but said it was preliminary and further test needed. I bought and tested myself 3 times with Oraquick hiv test over a 3 day period.1 test per day.  Very careful with the tests. Watched video a did it to a “T”. All 3 came back negative. Very confused. Are my 3 negative results with oraquick conclusive? What are my chances I’m positive? Please advise. Thank you
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There is no reason to test for a disease you are not exposed to. hiv is a fragile virus and you can only get it from unprotected anal, vaginal or sharing hollow needles that you use to inject with, so if you don't do you are safe because hiv won't pop put of the environment and infect you.
The result of over-testing is false positives, so avoid over-testing in future.
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I thought false positives on rapid hiv tests are rare. And is oraquick accurate enough test to be conclusive.
I should say I used the ar home results in 20 minutes Ora quick saliva test.
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There's a far greater likelihood of getting a false positive than getting a false negative.  Your subsequent tests are conclusive, and you do not have HIV.  There is literally NO way you had 3 false negatives in a row using Oraquick, which is highly reliable.  

It doesn't sound like you were exposed to HIV in the first place.  If you have a regular partner and you have each had other partners, the best course of action is for you both to test for HIV and STDs to ensure mutual confidence.
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