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Possible Acute hiv rash

I really need help. I'm feeling mentally drained and this is absolutely killing me. I feel if I have this disease I will have no purpose in living. How could I be so stupid! All I've ever wanted to do was find someone who loves me for me and have children someday:(...anyways after i finally had sex (unprotected) with a guy who I thought cared for me He said, "now we both have AIDS." Then laughed it off and said he was joking. That's not something you just joke about.

My question is, what does an HIV rash look like? After a week or two I broke out with three raised red bumps on my chest. Didn't look like acne that I usually have. No itch to them. They just looked weird. I took a test weeks later but it came out negative. Now after research I'm thinking that it might not have showed up on the test. How soon will it show up on a test after all the symptoms (bumps, headache, fatigue, etc.) have passed?
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unprotected vaginal penetration is a risk of hiv transmission. The only way to know your status is by testing. You took a test as you said but you dont clarify when you took it. Was it three months after your last exposure? If yes then the negative result is conclusive for this exposure
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Probably just 5 weeks after which I know isn't accurate. If I am mentally able to check and see now I know it will be accurate. I just know that if I'm positive i won't be able to take it. Thanks for your help though. Is there any way you can tell me if it resembles an hiv rash from the description that I gave?
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Please don't go by the symptoms. Keep in mind that a test 3 months after your last exposure will give you the answer you seek, conclusively.
Take care
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