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Worried I have contacted hiv. Went to reno on a business trip and happened to make it to strip club with work buddies. As it was a week night, it was dead in there. My fear is that the girls were kissing all over us. Even kissing on the lips and biting. I never took my cloths off. However, one of the girls was grinding on my face and sort of hurt me physically during the process. They were really rough. My fear is that a lot of the girls out at the reno clubs look like a. They are on drugs. b. They are actually hookers. (A few propositioned us at the club).

What are my odds one of them gave me hiv. It has been almost 3 weeks now and I'm experiencing symptoms.  I have a sore throat. Night sweats. Even my lower esophagus is sore. I have muscle pains in my legs. Headaches.

I'm going crazy just thinking about the seroconversion.  
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Zero chances. No chance at all.

HIV is a fragile virus and it's outer shell is destroyed when exposed to changes in PH and Oxygen levels rendering it unable to infect seconds after leaving its host.

In adults, HIV is transmitted by:

Unprotected Anal/Vaginal Sex
Sharing IV drug equipment
Direct blood contact as in infected blood transfusions.

Uses condoms for vaginal and anal sex, and you will avoid HIV infection.
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Shouldn't I be worried about the grinding. She was completely naked. Also, what if there was blood. It was really dark in there.
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No risk
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Just worried because of the ars symptoms.
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Can't have ARS with no risk.
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