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Possible Exposure?!

I am truly scared to death. On or about March 18, I had an encounter with a female who's status was HIV negative 6 months before we got together. She's in the Army and they require a pre-deployment HIV test at least 30 days before a soldier deploys. HIV positive soldiers cannot deploy. I don't know her sexual history or other STD tests beyond that. She was the only woman I've been with in the past 6 months. We had two encounters, both started out with protection and the condom failed on both occasions. I did not bother to replace the condoms either time (I know, stupid). There were about 5 minutes and 10 minutes of unprotected intercourse, respectively. It was vaginal intercourse. 2 days after possible exposure, I started feeling pain in my genitals and abdomen pain. Day 4, my genitals began to swell. My urethra was inflamed because my urine started coming out in streams. I now have a clear white discharge that comes after I ejaculate. After about a week the swelling subsided. 6 days after the encounter, my hands and feet were extremely cold and I got a sore throat. I went to the doctor and they said I have inflammation at the back of my throat. He prescribed me some medication for colds and that was it. On day eight, the coldness in my extremities went away and my skin became sensitive to touch and I have a tingling sensation all over my body. I had chills but I'm in a really hot environment (100 degrees plus) so it felt weird whenever I went out side. My skin was so sensitive that whenever I would put my watch on in the morning I would have bruises on my wrist. Around this time my eye sight became extremely burry throughout the day and there was yellowish fluid coming from my eyes when I went to sleep. Also on day 8, I woke up in the middle of the night and I couldn't move my left hand. I had to massage it and try to move my fingers to get voluntary movement back. The coldness to my hands and feet came back the next day and I couldn't stay in an air conditioned for more than an hour. On day 9, small black marks started to appear on my palms. They looked like small fungal pigment dots. I also had what looked like an eczema rash that covered my entire right palm. The rash also appeared on my other hand as well. The rash came and went over the course for two weeks. I also noticed that my palms were extremely red, wrinkled and sensitive to touch. If I pick up an object, the shape would indent in my hands for a couple of seconds. I always stay hydrated so this never happened before. On day 12, developed nausea, I woke up and dry heaved throughout the night, never actually throwing up though. I went back to the doctor and told them about my stomach pain, nausea and dry heaving and he tested me for mono. The mono test came back negative. They gave me some nausea medicine. On day 14, I started getting night sweats, approximately 2-3 times for about two weeks. I also started getting a tingling feeling in my hands and feet that would come and go. I reached out to the female I had the encounter with and she told me that she didn't have anything and to leave her alone. By week 3 after possible exposure, I started waking up to temporary paralysis in both hands when I slept. I had to constantly wake up and start moving my fingers to get my hands to move. At week 6, the temporary paralysis in my hands while sleeping went away and now I just get what feels like pins poking my fingers and toes throughout the day. Also at week 6, I started vomiting also every day for a week. It was mostly in the morning. It was the same thing week 7 and 8 but the dry heaving/vomiting was at night. Also at week 8 I started developing diarrhea symptoms they were going on for about 4 days. I'm a military contractor working in a Middle Eastern country and if my employer finds out that I may have contracted HIV I might get sent home and lose my job. Foreign visitors to this country can't live here if they have HIV.
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NEVER have i read so many "symptoms"…most of which i would guess are psychosomatic.

#1…I don't see any reason for this woman to lie to you about her status.  you think she wants to give you hiv?  NO

#2…your symptoms are in no way indicative of early infection

#3…you want to know your status?  you test
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Thank you for the response.  

Here are my symptoms without the background:

Swollen genitals (day 3, lasted a week)
Inflamed urethra (day 3, still on-going in week 9)
Abdomen pain (day 4, still on-going in week 9)
Fatigue (day 5, still on-going in week 9) Cold hands/feet (day 7, lasted 6 weeks)
Chills (day 8, lasted 2 weeks)
Sore Throat (day 6, still on-going in week 9)
Dry rash on palms (day 9, still on-going in week 9, rash comes and goes)
Sore muscles (day 9, still on-going in week 9)
Black pigment spots on hands (day 9, they seem to be permanent)
Temporary hand paralysis while sleeping (day 8, lasted 3-4 weeks)
Sore feet and hands (day 9, lasted 7 weeks)
Tingling hands and feet (day 9, still on-going)
Sensitive skin (day 9, lasted 2 weeks)
Night sweats (day 10, still on-going in week 9, once a week now)
Cold numbness on face and mouth (day 10, lasted 2 weeks)
Nausea (day 10, still on-going in week 9)
Dry Heaving/Vomiting (day 12, still on-going in week 9, happing more often lately)
Diarrhea (week 8, on-going for 2 weeks)

#1 I don't think she would intentionally want to give me HIV, however, I think you wants me to just leave her alone so she told me she was negative so I can stop harassing her about it.

#2 I've been reading that some of my symptoms appear early in initial infection. (Got the information from googling, other HIV forums.  I'm sure not the brightest idea)

#3 Yes Ma'am, I'm scheduled to test on Friday.

Again, thanks for the response.
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You are going into way too much thought and detail with those symptoms.  I would guess those are anxiety fueled.  Like you were told, if you want to know your status, just take a test.
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I will get tested this week, I'm just extremely nervous.  This has been driving me crazy for weeks.
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Oraquick test at 10 weeks = neg.  I plan to test again after 12 weeks.  Still having a few issues pain wise.  I plan to test again at 12 weeks, both Oraquick and blood.
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