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Possible HIV

I am scared I have potentially been put at risk of HIV. I was out drinking with my sports team and I went to the toilet leaving my drink unattended. I left the drink around 1/3 full. Came back not realising that I had done so and came back to full a full drink. I was then informed after I had necked half of it that two of my team mates had thrown up in the drink and 1 or more had urinated in it. I was distraught spat out whatever I had in my mouth (although I had already ingested some) and then ran to the toilet where I threw up for a good 5 minutes. I am just wondering what was my possible exposure to HIV if any? I would appreciate an answer. This was 11 days ago the next day I had a very sore throat, I suspect of the volume I threw up. for the last  or 4 days I have had a bit of a constant headache, could this be due to anxiety/stress?
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No risk!!!  You never had an exposure for HIV.

HIV is transmitted three ways

unprotected vaginal, or anal sex.
sharing needles with known HIV+ people
mother to child

You can stop worrying.
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Can I just say thank you for the time you have taken to answer my question to help reduce my worries.

Just a quick follow up question, I don't want to take up any more of your time.

If by some small chance the urine or vomit had blood in it would that still not pose a risk of infection? or would the other substances within the liquid kill the virus? I must have drank it no more than a minute or so from when it happened.

Thanks again your doing a really good thing for me here and for people like me.

Keep up the good work

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Does anyone else have a view on the matter?
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No risk no matter what. And if someone had vomited in your drink I think that would have been easy to see.
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Thanks, when I returned from throwing up in the bathroom, I noticed that their were some lumps in the bottom of the drink that I didn't see due to the drink being a larger black currant (originally before being mostly urine and vomit) I'm greatful that you took the time to respond to my question but I was wondering if you could please explain to me how there is no risk? even if blood was present? , thanks again . Have a great day
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Would somone be able to explain how there is no risk please ?
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Because HIV is not passed from urine or vomit.
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It's easy to let the anxiety overtake your life, kick it in to touch by not surfing the web about this any more.

The info you have been given in 100% correct and there is no risk whatsoever of HIV transition.

I would spend some time plotting a fun revenge on your friends though for making you drink such vile [email protected]@p! :)
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You are right, It has taken over my life and I believe I am suffering sore legs as a result of my anxiety? is this common? I have booked on to speak to specialists regarding anxiety as I believed I may have developed health anxiety. I thank you for taking the time to answer my question
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Yep I had it too when I was a worried well person.

Take plenty of exercise, eat well, sleep well and keep off the web - this will really help,you to get through this.

You are safe and okay to move on :) How good is that!
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You are right i am just having a hard time accepting that my frequent and long lasting headaches , sore throat and blocked /runny nose alongside my sore legs and difficulty sleeping are just a mixture of cold or flu mixed with anxiety? , but I'f you know this to be common and nothing to worry about  I am going to try and overcome this , thank you
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Oh and don't forget the occasional dry mouth
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It is very common...

When we look, we find things... Anxiety will cause many symptoms, aches pains, dry mouth / eyes etc the list in endless.

Even if you had presented those symptoms with a risk (a real one :) the answer would still be the same, symptoms do not diagnose HIV.

You really can move on one buddy, forget about HIV, it is no concern for the above.

Best Wishes
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Defo just anxiety, you have had no risk at all.

You can safely move on with life now :)
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I am truely greatful for your support, I just keep thinking the worst , like oh what if there was blood from the urine or vomit? but I'm  trying to push these thoughts out, I am going to stop my obsessive Google obsession as well.  Not going to let this cause me bother anymore it's ruining my life
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Good work, - you HIV Negative man you ! :)
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