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Possible HIV exposure from massage parlor incident?

Recently I visited a massage parlor for the first time in my life. The lady was an oriental woman who spoke very, very little English but was very nice. I was completely nude and received a full body massage with some kind of cream. Towards the end I allowed her to massage my penis without gloves until I ejaculated. I could not tell if she had any cuts or sores etc on her hands. I did not have any open wounds on my penis or gential area. After the experience I noticed they didn't change the towels on the bed and to my realization this place was kind of skeezy. My concern is that I exposed myself to any possible STD infection, HIV or other hazrd. I have read that hand to genital masturbation has zero risk but what if she had blood, semen from a previous client, saliva, or contaminated cream and used it on me. I'm getting even more paranoid now thinking they purposely give people STD's for some reason. Probably me just going "mad" from the whole experience. Some insight would be helpful. Thanks.
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The only reason your are getting paranoid is because you are uneducated in HIV. At no time were you at risk in the situation you've provided.
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I greatly appreciate your response. I was concerned due to information (theoretical) that stated if she had an open wound on her hand and it happened to touch the mucous membrane urethrea area and there was a fluid exchange there would be possible risk for infection. I admire your conviction to educate people such as myself on HIV and AIDS and think that many people should take more initiative and do the same. Gosd Bless!
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