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Possible HIV exposure please help !! this is my 2nd post !

Hello; here is my story (Male,23 years old)
I had sex with a sex worker about 8 weeks ago(unprotected oral only and I ejaculated in her mouth)( she is HIV+ I found out after the exposure)  ;
I couldn't stop thinking about it (maybe a month after exposure) ; I started to get some symptoms:
sore throat, muscle pain all over my body (more back and shoulder), sometimes I few heaviness under my jaw, and even on my face , everyday I get chills( specially In my back)
I read some information on this forum and many other forum regarding oral sex and the risk of getting HIV and almost every one concluded that oral sex is close to zero when it comes to HIV.

let me mention that I also took a oraquick test (swab) at about 7 weeks after exposure.. it was negative

my symptoms come and go for a few hours maybe half a day (I still have the symptoms)

my questions are :

I am HIV + ?
has anybody else feel this before ?
maybe this is anxiety playing tricks on me ?
How accurate is this test at 6 weeks ? have you seen anybody have different results after this time ?

Any personal stories similar to mines ?

Please be serious about this and try to provide as much information as you can ;

thanks guys
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Receptive oral does not put you at HIV risk. You do not need any test, if you go for it, it will always be negative because you were never exposed
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Thanks man ! ..what about my symptoms ? What do u think ? And also sorry for asking but  how do u gain any knowledge about HIV ; personal experiences?  ..thank u
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See a Dr for your symptoms, they have nothing to do with HIV.
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Your symptoms sound like mono.,u get it from kissing, goes away by itself
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