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Possible HIV infection, plus other symptoms

Okay, for one, I am getting a test done on February 3rd. My exposure was in late August. The night of said exposure I got a fever that lasted for two days. Six days later, I had diarrhea and general malaise that lasted two days, which I worry was seroconversion.  After that, all symptoms went away. It wasn't until late October that I started to feel odd again, for another short stint. I had a bout of lone nausea that caused my stomach to make very loud noises late at night, that lasted one weekend, with anal itching that lasted a little longer. In mid November, I started having a very weird type of insomnia, said insomnia wouldn't cause me any problems falling asleep, but, it would cause me to wake up every 2-3 hours, with no other symptoms accompanying these awakenings. This type of insomnia still persist. In mid December, I started having yellowish stool that lasted a month before returning to its normal brown color, it was accompanied by very mild constipation. Two other short lived symptoms I had were tingling in the hands and feet off and on for a few days and a nasty taste in my mouth late during two nights as I woke up. Neither of these symptoms have returned in any form. The only symptoms I have now are the insomnia and a mild white coat on my tongue with bumps, but centralized to the back of the tongue. I also had loss of appetite during mid December, which lasted a week. Now I am regularly hungry again. Could HIV cause any of this? Or would it be too soon for such damage to occur?
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Also, a friend claims my foot odor smells like alcohol. My shoes do smell awkward at times.
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Some of these could be HIV related. But whenever symptoms occur, they occur all at the same time.  Kind of like being hit by a truck, it's all simultaneous. Plus, ARS symptomms don't stretch out that far past exposure.  You were just sick is what it is.  
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Is six days early enough for ARS? And can HIV cause any of the other symptoms I mentioned? I know they're not ARS, but I am just curious. Like the yellow stool for example, is that malabsorption? And the insomnia, does it ever at any stage cause that? Sorry for all the pushy questions.
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No need to apologize.  I understand the anxiety.  Six days in some cases may be early enough, but they usually appear at 10-14 days.  My assumption is that your yellow stool probably is connected with something you have eaten.  HIV doesn't cause insomnia.  That can be natural.  But it can also very easily be anxiety.
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So, if it was caused by HIV damaging my immune system the symptoms wouldn't be going away then? I also had a loss of appetite for a week, now I am pretty hungry most of the time.
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What was your risk?
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During a phase of mine, I did anal that was unprotected.
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Unprotected anal is definitely the highest risk of behavior. I still do not think what you are going through is HIV because it is lasting so long.  But you should not wait so long to test.  I advise getting tested as soon as you can. I always advise seeing a doctor so that you can get a proper diagnosis.
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I am going to look into that. What do you think it could be? Have you ever heard of another similar in terms of symptoms and duration?
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Yeah, it's called anxiety. Your body is beginning to manifest the symptoms that you believe you have. It's turning the smallest of things into a problem because you want it to happen.
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