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Possible HIV infection from heat rash?

Long story short, my wife and I separated so I decided to get over the sad feelings by going out of the country. During that time I got a heat rash on my inner thigh, about an inch from the groin due to the constant walking in the hot weather. Then, pressured by my friends, I had sex with a prostitute. I wore protection but I am afraid I got infected through the heat rash. At exactly 3 weeks I developed a flu like illness. I have malaise, fatigue, clogged nose, runny nose, sudden weakness, low fever under 100, another rash on the hip area, burning sensation on neck, and still clear mucus at 5 days in. It is flu season right now and I am hoping it is just that. Prior to this I took no meds, have no food allergies, in great shape and eat very healthy.

I was so scared that i took a STD test including HIV 2 and a half weeks in and it was negative but I know that it is too soon to tell. What are my chances of being infected? I am so worried...
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You didn't have a risk.  You cannot get HIV from being exposed to fluids outside of the body, even with a rash, cuts, scrapes, etc.  Transmission happens INSIDE the body where the virus is preserved.

The symptoms you experienced had nothing to do with HIV.
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