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Possible HIV infection?


I did probably the stupidest thing in my life. I had a anal sex with a sex worker in Netherlands. The sex was protected by the condom and did not break (as far as i know). Whole sex lasted approximately 7 minutes. This is not what worries me. The thing that worries me is that just before the sex, she have put my tip of the penis approx 2cm into her vagina. I have immediately took it out so it was in there maybe a second or so. Then she put a condom and the rest you already know.
I get tested for HIV and other STDs two weeks after and all of the results were negative. But from what i found on the internet, HIV tests in 2nd week after the actual contact are only 50% accurate.
Right now (6 weeks after), i got symptoms like little bit of sore throat, a bit of weakness and less taste for food. To be honest, i am having anxiety problems because of this onetime thing.
So my questions are:
1. Can i be HIV infected from what i just written (assuming sex worker was HIV+)?
2. Are the tests reliable enough?
3. Do you think that symptoms i have gave, could be traced to HIV or just normal cold or anxiety?
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No your symptoms do not relate to HIV. I would not weigh symptoms much because they are often misleading and secondly, many actually infected people never had any symptoms.

Penetration into vagina by 2 cm, almost an inch may expose your urethra and foreskin to vaginal fluids inside her. Sex workers in the Netherland are well educated about HIV transmission because they are always more at risk then us due to their daily exposure. Therefore it has a very strong possibility that she is not infected. However, having said that, risk is there, though not too significant, but not zero either.

I would suggest you to get a p24 Duo test after 4 weeks of exposure and get a highly reassuring test result, which is certainly not going to change later
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Your anal sex part has no issue, you are safe since you used protection and it did not fail. (had it failed, you would have known it). Unprotected penetration into vagina is a risk, no matter how brief it was.

You are right, 2 weeks test is not accurate and to get a result which can be said reassuring, is after 4 weeks (HIV Duo test for instance), which need to be redone after 12 weeks to get a conclusive result
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First of all, thanks for your answer.

Is it really risky even if the penetration was only approx. 2cm? Dont you need some sufficient amount of vaginal liquid and something what would rub it in to the penis? Do you think those sympthoms might be related to HIV?

Thanks a lot!!!
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A risk is a risk and the only way to know your status is by testing.
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