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Possible HIV rash!!

Hi Guys,

i have been having a rash across my chest for about 1 and a half months now, and it is itching and looks like small red bumps which are characteristics of an HIV rash. I am really freaking out about it, i have not had any high fevers after exposure though i have had hot flashes and chills, and now a sore throat after 2 months. I only received unprotected oral sex which is supposedly risk-free but do you think these rashes are ars rashes? please help
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Go back and reread the replies that you have already been given.
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i know what you said teak, and i really appriciate your knowledge on this disease, but i just want to know something are these rashes typical characteristics of an ars rash, because i just can't get these symptoms out of my mind, plus i also have rashes on my upper back and face, which are greatly the spots for hiv rash......
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NO and you were told why...
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Okay thanks a lot Teak!!!!
SO these symptoms are just because of anxiety, but i have read anxiety rashes and they are not like the ones i described, the ones i describe is more like ars rash isn't it??
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move on
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hey guyss i had a possible exposure four months ago and a month later developed a small rash on my chest that went away a day later with no other symptoms. ever since then i have had on and off rashes on my upper arms and thighs. they usually come in the morning and are gone by night, the only other symptom i have with them are canker sores and that only occurs sometimes. help please!!!!!!!!
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