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Possible High Risk HIV Infection

Hi Everyone

I have lived in Thailand for 5 years and have a Thai wife and a 2 year old son. Seven months ago I went to Pattaya(notorious for it's nightlife and hookers)for a weekend with the boys. Got very drunk and ended up having sex with a hooker and the condom broke. Had anal and vaginal sex, unprotected for about 10 mins. Felt terribly guilty when I sobered up and even worse when I developed genital warts several weeks later and a constant hot/cold burning sensation in the genital area which I put down to extreme sress, guilt and Aldara which was percribed to treat the warts. The warts went away after 14 weeks and clear at the moment. The burning persited and I finally went to see a Urologist. Told him everything, he tested my urine and it wasn't spring water. Now on antibiotics as he suspects it's Chlamidaya. I am going for a HIV check on the 24th-Big gulp.That's the story, now the Q's.

1. Had unprotected sex with wife 3 days after returning from Pattaya. Since then have used condoms(but she has pushed my penis into contact with her cliterus,several times,very briefly) and she has not given me any oral but has licked the shaft)but i've performed oral on her maybe 6 times.Could I have passed anything on(the warts were under the foreskin)?
2. I stongly suspect the hooker was HIV pos.Long story, but I've known her a while. That night she told me she'd changed her name at the temple because of bad luck. Now i understand the bad luck. What are my chances of being clear of HIV. I doubt she would be taking medication or has even been for a blood check.
3.If I've given anything to my wife, could she have passed It on to my son? She often half chews things like nuts before feeding him.

Have been climbing the wall for months and would very much appreciate your imputs. Shoot from the hip, I need to know the truth. Believe it or not,I'm not an hooker chaser. We were there celerbrating before I got married-A stag night. Some wedding gift hey.

Thanks everyone

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i just know only one thing about pattaya there sex workers have license and they have to checked themselves regularly...i may be wrong for all but i just know that only {yeah anal sex was more risky one but one time sex is close to 1:100 if unprotected the more the brief that was the more safe u r } and rest can be tell here by elder guys EXWW... Mike...Teak...
Good Wishes
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You woke up felt guilty then had unprotected sex with your wife three days later and you had venereal warts. Doesn't seem to me that you felt guilty at all. I do hope your wife went in to be check for venereal warts or is that something you failed to tell her about? If you didn
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Hi Teak

I had unprotected sex with my wife 3 days after returning-I didn't know then that I had contracted HPV, that appeared about 4 weeks later and the burning, about 10 days after. Sorry If I wasn't clear on that earlier. Don't know If you are married or have children but It ripps me up everytime I see them-I think that's guilt. Anyway, will be teated at the Red Cross clinic a week on Saturday. Let you know the results. Cheers and all the best

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