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Possible Hiv Transmission case, Please any doctor or expert

Hi i have gums that are not very healthy, they bleed if i apply the tiniest pressure on them.
I was engagin in protected oral sex, but something went wrong.
I was changing a condom on my partner, the room was dark so my two fingers touched the head of his penis which i believe had precum on it.
My concern is that the precum from my fingers touched the outside of the condom, and then performed oral on him.
Only god knows if any little bleeding occured while blowing the person.

I tried to contact him but he said i was psycologically ill and refused to answer because he found the subject lame.. He believes he is healthy, but only had a test a year ago. Hes a top and i believe he is sexually active. He did mention that he doesn't practice in anal sex without condoms.
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Thank you doctor.
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HIV is not transmitted by oral sex even if you have bleeding gums.
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