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Possible chaffing and Unprotected

Doc, I made the mistake of a lifetime, while at a go go bar in NJ, i met a very attractive brazilian dancer a few times after going for a month and a half.  I got her number, went back to see her a couple of times, but well, on the third time going back, I was of course drinking and i got a lap dance from her.  She ended up giving me a lapdance for a while, (where some chaffing happend) and I ended up somehow VERY VERY stupidly having unprotected sex with her for under 2 minutes.  I know there was some chaffing, but how much does that affect the transmission of hiv?  It has only been 10 days since the encounter and i am on the verge of a breakdown.  Thank you Doc
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do you think cahffing ( she grinded on me for a few mintutes then gave me a hand job before she put it in)  makes a huge difference in the transmission?  Actual sex lasted no ore than 2 minutes and i did not finish
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Brazil's HIV rates are virtually identical to ours. They have a prevention and medication program that is light years ahead of ours. The HIV prevalence there, in fact, is about 0.33% - 600,000 out of a population of 180,000,000. In the United States, we have about 1,100,000 cases out of a population of 300,000,000 - a rate of 0.37%. In Brazil, the government provides free anti-retroviral medications to anyone who is HIV+, and their prevention programs are much better than ours. All this started back in the 1990s when they realized that they were facing a looming epidemic on the horizon that threatened to make Brazil like sub-Saharan African when it came to HIV. So they started a massive public education, prevention, and treatment campaign that continues today. Her being Brazilian is no more of a risk than her being American.
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does it make a differnce she is from Brazil where i assume the hiv is higher?  what about the possilbe chaffing?
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not the drs forum

hiv from female to male carries a 1 in 2000 risk
test 3 months post exposure for a conclusive result
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