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Possible exposure from chapped lips? Not sure.

Is it possible to get HIV if you give someone head and you have chapped lips but you don't "finish" him off? I'm not sure if I should get tested or not because a week ago I gave head to someone who never had any form of STI/STD test done before but he said he's never done much with anyone aside from me. I had chapped lips at the time but they were more into their healing stage, although I could feel them singing a little when I was doing it, particularly right down the middle but i didn't see any blood just a crease in my lip from one of the spots it chapped. However I did have a spot on my lip was was open recently and the blood dried but then a thin layer of skin formed over it (when i bit the skin off the dry blood came off with and fresh tender pink skin was underneath) so is there any way that that could have been a pathway if he happened to have HIV? I peeled the skin off my lip after I was done, not before.
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so is there any way that that could have been a pathway if he happened to have HIV?---NO
Oral sex is not a risk for HIV.
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So if he happened to have it, there's no way I can get it even with having chapped lips that bled a little previously? What about if I had a sore in my mouth? Cause I noticed I had one on the roof of my mouth right behind my front teeth but I'm not sure if I had that before or if I got it after from eating really hot pizza the next night. I didn't notice it was there though until about 3 days after the incident.
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You had no risk.
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Okay thanks to both of you, I can stop worrying now and get on with my life and school.
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So if you were kissing someone, and your lips chapped and you happened to taste blood, but there weren't any cuts that were apparent in your partner's mouth, would u be at risk?
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