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Possible hiv exposure

I had sex with a CSW but I used protection, at 4 weeks I went to get std panel test the hiv test was a blood draw 4th generation test, the doctor thought I had bacterial std so the gave me two pills of amoxicillin an a shot of rochphrein ( everything came back negative) before the test my bowl movements were normal but after I have bad diarrhea and constipation and tingling in my feet  so I thought I received a false negative so I bought oraquick at 8 weeks followed the directions and that came back negative, am I negative or should I get a another test because I am at 5 months but my bowl movements are still bad  
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I have read up on hiv but the information is so conflicting to the point it makes me have anxiety
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This is a moderated forum that only allows information that HIV experts approve.  HIV is transmitted in very specific ways.  Protected sex is just that, protected and you won't get HIV from that as long as the head of your penis is covered.  
The more you read, the more sites you will come across which are incorrect for various reasons. Also some sites refer to theoretical risks which have never actually occurred in 40 years of hiv history - how useless is that?
Your situation is straightforward since you don't have any medical training. The first step to peace will be to stop googling hiv, and stop studying your body looking for hiv symptoms to diagnose cold turkey, otherwise you will keep frightening yourself. Doctors can't diagnose hiv from symptoms so no one here pays attention to poster's symptoms and you shouldn't either.
Thank you, I just was very anxious and scared
I can see why Googling  would be scary but if you take the advice here you will feel fine and can move on back to your normal life.
@AnxiousNoMore is your work revolve hiv testing?
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You can't get hiv when you use a condom. Micro tears are a myth so it didn't fail. All of your tests were a waste of time so they will always give you a negative result. Further testing will be abnormal.

hiv can't be diagnosed from symptoms, so you should stop trying to look for any body connection to self diagnose hiv.  Either your body was always like this and you never took note, or else you should see doc if concerned, but continuing to study hiv is just wasting your time.
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So, you did not need to test the first time or any times after for HIV.  You had zero risk.  The sex was protected and that is NOT a risk for HIV.  HIV is only transmitted by unprotected vaginal or anal sex and sharing IV drug needles.  So, there is no way you could have HIV from your sexual encounter.  Don't test again.  You'll just be feeding needless anxiety.  Antibiotics can lead to gi issues including loose stools.  They kill the natural 'good' bacteria that helps us stay regulated.  One way to replenish it is to take a good probiotic.  This restores gut flora.  But HIV is not an issue or fear with your exposure.
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