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Possible hiv?

So about 2 and a half months ago i had unprotected sex with a girl that i had been talking too for a good 2 months. (we had sex in the middle of june) and we had sex only once but for id say a half hour to 40 mins. of only vaginal intercourse. After exposure i began to get diarrhea although it could have been from me getting really sick before i had unprotected sex. But after that i told a co worker my diarrhea has been goiing on for a good week or 2 now and jokingly he said what do you have hiv or something? But little did he know that planted a seed in my head thinking what if hes right?? Anyways after that i became really stressed out about have hiv i felt as if i had every symptom in the book. I then got a rapid finger prick test at 1 month came out neg then again at 2 months also negative but one thing that is making me nervous is that i feel sluggish and i feel depressed! but it could be because of my fear of having hiv. Also i got a cankersore id say a month ago and its still here! i tried everything to make it go away over the counter meds to home remedies. It could still be there because when it first showed up i popped it and proceeded to keep popping it hoping it would go away. I also keep getting itchy bumps on my legs that look like misquito bites they dont crust over or anything but still worries me. & also i lost weight but i have been skateboarding city to city everyday don't know if that could be why but along with that i have a loss of apetite.  I'd like to know what my risk is because i am experiencing terrible anxiety problems i check myself probably 3 times a day. This is taking over my life even though i tested negative.. PLEASE HELP
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The worrying will be over soon when you test at 3 months.I wish you well.
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You can obtain a conclusive result at 3 months post-exposure.
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If you think your illness is due to anxiety, it is anxiety...
You and yourfriend both know that he made a joke.... Where did you take the test?

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I took the test at a place near by my house that offers rapid finger prick test. & yes i know he was joking but what if he was right about it? and it could be from anxiety but theres still a chance that i am at risk. I am so stressed out and i am going crazy. The people that tested me keep telling me that i have nothing to worry about but i just feel as if i know i am infected.
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Those negative results you received are very encouraging.
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Thank you im just very worried. I feel as if this worrying is taking over my life.
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I dont want to give statistical reasoning to calm you down...

If you are expecting reassurance then join the anxiety forum... that;s the place you will get help...

Eat well and sleep well and you will be alright..

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Thank you all of you guys
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