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Possible symptoms of HIV

Hey guys, I posted an earlier post about some concerns, but figured id go into more detail to give a better picture of my situation:

I last had an hiv exam in 2008, since then I have had one sexual partner(unprotected sex 3 times). I have no reason to conclude she is in a high risk group such as bi-sexual or a drug user. About 2-3 months after the last encounter I had a very harsh surgery which involved breaking some bones and being out of action for over a month. During this time I remember having a sore throat( I thought it was from the tube the doctors used down my throat), and I remember running a fever for a while.
Fast forward 1 year: I have had persistent diarrhea for over 3-4 weeks, which I am constantly changing my diet to fit my weight lifting lifestyle and possibly using some supplements that cause diarrhea. I developed a non diffuse, uni-lateral rash on my left foot this weekend, and for the most part having been worried sick since that time. What do you think the chances are that I contracted the virus, and would I be showing symptoms such as these just 1 year post infection? I thought the virus went through an asymptomatic phase which is typically 8-10 years after ARS. Thanks for your attention!
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Lizzie answered you correctly.
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Thanks, I suppose the diarrhea has me the most confused
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