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Possible transmission?? Freaking out

I helped this man out of his car after it flipped over and some of his blood got on my hand where there were no cuts, and on my sleeve. When i pulled off my shirt, its possible the sleeve could have brushed against the surface cuts under my nail and Im just concerned about possible transmission of HIV or Hep B ... the ER said it didnt stipulate receiving PEP, but should i go for a sevond opinion, or am i being irrational??
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This is not a risk event for HIV.  HIV is not easy to contract and requires a wound sufficient to permit the virus to enter your bloodstream.  As long as you did not have a wound of significant nature - such that it would require medical attention, you had no risk.  Cuts under your fingernails are in no way close to that.

Please visit the HepB forum for advice on HepB.
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