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Potential Exposure to HIV 12 Days Ago

Dear Doctor Handsfield,

I was hoping that you may be able to provide some reassurance regarding a sexual encounter I had about 12 days ago with an Indonesian woman in Jakarta...

I met her in a club / bar in Jakarta which is known to be frequented by prostitutes, although to my knowledge, she wasn't one; at least she didn't ask me to pay. I vaguely remember her mentioning that she had a child (although I can't be sure, because I was quite drunk) and I'm pretty certain that she said that she was a university student.

We had sex twice: once when we got back to my hotel and again the next morning. During the first encounter, she gave me a condom, which I used initially, but then during sex, came off. I noticed, but foolishly continued. It probably lasted about five minutes before I ejaculated outside of her. I vaguely remember her asking why I took it off, but she showed little concern when I couldn't give her a legitimate answer.

The next morning, she started rubbing my penis and then put it in her vagina; this time without any condom to begin with at all. Again, this lasted for about five minutes before I ejaculated outside of her. After we finished, she asked if I was sure that I ejaculated outside of her, to which I said yes.

Shortly after this, she got dressed, gave me a kiss and then left.

Since then, I have been hyperaware of any HIV related symptoms. I felt as if I developed slight inflammation to my throat circa three days after the episode, although there was no pain as such; this has since gone. Not sure if this had anything to do with the unprotected sex or if it was just a result of late nights combined with alcohol.

I haven't really been able to focus at work due to bouts of anxiety and hyperawareness of symptoms. Definitely a very foolish act, and really regretting it. The last time I had unprotected sex before this was about two years ago with my girlfriend at the time...

I'm going to get tested this weekend to make sure, but was hoping to get your opinion in the interim for my sanity. Given the circumstances, is my risk high?

Looking forward to your comments.

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Unprotected sex with anyone, outside our mutually committed monogamous relationship, is a risk. So you exposed yourself to the risk, though not very significant, since it is not confirmed that she was having HIV or not, however, though the risk is not significant, it is not zero either.

In this situation, the only way to rule out the infection is to get ourselves tested. A Duo (4th generation HIV Antibody+Antigen) test is not considered to be conclusive before 4 weeks of exposure, therefore you need to wait a little more.

Alcohol and a woman, not a good combination as they do not mix well, next time, keep them separate
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Agreed. There ISN'T going to be a next time.

So there isn't a reliable test two weeks post exposure?

Say she does have HIV... what is the likelihood of contracting it from her? I've read a lot of comments on this forum suggesting that the likelihood is negligible, e.g., you would have to have sex with an infected women everyday for five years...
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28 day DUO test.

One time encounters can happen.
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Great. Feel even worse now. Will just have to suck it up for the next few weeks.
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To avoid feeling bad, wear a condom in the future.  It really is that simple.
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I know that now. Never felt this anxious about anything. Feel like I'm going to be sick.
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