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Potential exposure?

Hello. I just had an encounter today and am already starting to feel uneasy. Potential exposure goes like this:
1) unprotected oral sex for about a minute
2) protected sexual intercourse
However, after ejaculating in her with the condom on, i did not pull out immediately and stayed in her for another minute. Upon pulling out, the condom was still intact.

Based on the above, can you pls let me know if its a high risk exposure? Meantime, im gonna abstain from sex till im 100% cleared from this. Will a 4th gen test on 28th day after exposure a conclusive one?

Thank you.
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As long as the head of the penis was covered, there was no contact between your glans and the vagina, no there was no risk. Next time, hold the condom from the base when getting your penis out of the vagina.

Receiving oral sex is not a risk. The only risks are:
-Unprotected vaginal/anal penetrations.
-Sharing needles to inject drugs.
-Mother to child.

You didn't do any of these, so you were not at risk. No test is needed.
Thanks mate for taking time and effort to response to all the threads here. It helps us to manage our anxiety.

How about the part with getting tested on 28th day post exposure? What would be the accuracy like?

Thanks again, as i think i better go get tested for assurance. I know the end result will most likely be negative though ....
no risk=no disease. So it would be as pointless as testing to see if she made you pregnant.
You knew that most of us know the answer and am very well aware too. My take from this is to take the test in order to put things to bed. But still ... i really appreciates your time and effort in contributing to this forum ... kudos mate! =)
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