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Potential outdoors needle stick, any risk?

I was at my local park about 6-7 months back taking a walk, it was at night.  As I was walking I kind of tripped and my sandals came off and I stumbled forward several feet.  Either stumbling or looking for my sandals, I stepped on something sharp (felt a pain), I didn't see anything but it was very dark.  I assumed it was a thorn as I was near the a woods edge and there was a lot of thorn plants close by.  As I was walking, I would feel a sharp pain every time I would step on the injured foot, as if something was lodged in it.  When I got home I discovered and pulled out a very tiny, hard piece of something.  I wasn't worried at the time and discarded it quickly but from what I remember it was very small, maybe ~1mm or less in diameter, cylindrical and very short, like a 2-3mm in length (I remember cause it was hard to get ahold of with the tweezers).  I don't remember it being very deep, and not a lot of blood, if any.

Now, I am worried at this point because I told a friend in passing conversation about this story and he seemed pretty concerned about it, but hes not a doctor or anything.  So now, being somewhat of a hypochondriac, I am getting worried.  I had no symptoms after that incident and the wound healed normally (no infection or residual pain after a day or so).

Should I be concerned about contamination from a dirty needle and catching HIV? (disease that scares me the most).  I don't think a needle could break like that, just a very tiny piece off of the tip or something.  I think I am overreacting.

I am not trying to mock this forum or HIV, I just don't know a lot about catching the disease from ramdon dirty needles and such.

Thank you everyone!
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Thanks Teak, from this and reading similar posts (which I should have done in the first place, my anixiety got the best of me) my mind is greatly at ease, thanks for taking time to read and answer my question. :)
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sounds like a simple splinter...
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