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Potential risk from unprotected anal and symptoms?

Hi am worried with my hiv status as I made a mistake in having unprotected anal for about 60 secs before then putting a condom on.

This occurred on the 24th August. The person has shown me a test from 10/08 which was clear as well as advising they have been on prep for 2 years.

My concern comes from 11 days later on the 04/09 I got a sore throat. Not too bad just discomfort when swallowing rather than actual pain when swallowing. Feels like a lump is in my throat always. Haven't taken anything but 6 days later still remains. Looking at by throat my tonsils are not swollen and no red spots or white/yellow pus noticeable. No fever or rash present just the first few days of the sore throat had some lymph nodes both side of jaw which would inflame sporadically then seem to return to normal.

I do plan to get tested at 30 days but as I did have a potential exposure just kinda freaking out over the sore throat as it won't go away.
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People cough on your lips and door knobs so sore throat is to be expected at any time, which is why no one here pays attention to symptoms. Try to relax until you can test and quit Googling and examining your body cold turkey because it will just make you more anxious.
You only need wait for 28 days to test with a duo.
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