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Potential risk?

Around 12 days ago I had a root canal done on my upper right tooth and 5 -6 hours later I went for an erotic massage and engaged in some heavy kissing with the woman. I then proceeded to suck on her breasts and then recieved a naked lap dance. My penis (uncircumcised) rubbing on her butt. Finished with a hand job. At no point was there penetration. I feel like I'm at risk mostly for the following :
1)the root canal being performed 5 hours before kissing. (Have a particularly dry mouth as well from vaping)
2) the anal frottage with an uncircumcised penis

Tested 3 days after and results came back neg across the board. Even though I know that's too soon.

Please need help in assessing risks I'm losing sleep and I cant eat for the life of me.
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You didn't mentioned any thing today that could put you at a risk for HIV contraction.

1. You are being paranoid for thinking that your partner was HIV positive at the first place, CSWs are quite particular about their own safety.

2. Assuming that she was HIV positive; kissing, even with a root canal that was done recently was not a risk since there was saliva involved and it has proteins that inhibits the virus.

3. Frottage wasn't a risk either since at no point you were penetrating with out condom inside of her vagina or anus which is essential for HIV transmission. Rubbing of your penis on her skin surface isn't a risk despite of infected fluid being present. Infected fluid can't infect once it is outside of body.

You didn't posses any risk from this incident, you didn't need to test.  
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Thank you Mike. Your clear, articulate, and prompt response is super reassuring.
You're welcome.

*You didn't mention
One more question if that's ok. The only risk of infection would be penetrative anal/vaginal sex?
Sharing needles?
And breast milk?
Breast milk is not a risk for adults.  It's only a risk for infants who have insufficiently developed immune systems.  The other two are, in fact, the only scenarios in which you should be concerned about HIV transmission.
Thank you curfew. Clearly dealing with alot of anxiety and guilt over this which seems to be clouding judgement. Appreciate you guys laying out the facts and talking me through this.
If I wanted to test for this incident what test would be the quickest and how long would I have to wait for it?
We can't recommend you testing for a complete no risk situation. Any test that you would decide to take at any point for this particular incident will only yeild a negative result because there was no risk involved.
Since you can't have hiv there is no test for what you want to do. Your anxiety is a bit of a mental health issue when you are so fixated on this fear that it becomes an obsession, so perhaps a talk with your doc will calm you down or else consider a therapist to put yourself out of this purposeless agony. You might as well test to see if she made you pregnant.
Thank you lol.
Sorry one more question and I am fully aware that this is complete anxiety speaking. What would define "dipping"?
We can't participate in a conversation that can lead to anxiousness, it is not good for you. We have fully established that you didn't have a risk and you don't need to test.

You need to accept the help offered to you and move forward with life.
Thanks Mike. Really everyone on here is beyond awesome. My anxiety has gotten the absolute best of me. Made an appointment with psychiatrist as I am absolutely obsessing over this.
You did the right thing. You are going to be okay. Good luck.
Can I please have this post removed? For personal reasons
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