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Precum/Semen into herpes sore

Hi All,

I am gay and recently had mutual masturbation, frottage and being fingered with another guy in sauna. The next day I realised I had an outbreak of a couple of Herpes ulcers/sores around my anus one which was bleeding.( I was diagnosed with herpes in last few weeks).

His penis was touching my anus and rubbing against it a few times after being fingered by him. My worry is that I might have got some precum into the sore and might be cause fresh cut and bleeding!!!. We are sweating and quite dark area so it's difficult to know if precum/semen existed.

I am not sure of the other guys hiv status. What are the chances of HIV infection through precum/semen into a herpes sore and cut? Are they really high risk? We were only touching each other this way for a 15 minutes. I am really worried since I know it's a much higher risk to contract hiv whilst having an herpes outbreak especially since I was bleeding at that time and the next day.
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What are the chances of hiv infection based on my exposures
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You had no risk
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Thanks Vance,

You make me released now but why my herpes outbreak which was bleeding and contact with precum/semen (unknown hiv) doesn't make it any risk.

To be honest I'm quite depressed now.  
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Just for my knowledge, why my herpes outbreak which was bleeding and contact with precum/semen (unknown hiv) doesn't make it any risk?

Because I read in internet state that if you have STD will easy for the transmission hiv.
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It only increases your risk if you actually have a risk to begin with.  Risks are having unprotected, penetrative anal or vaginal sex, or sharing intravenous drug works with other IV drug users.  

Fingering, frottage, semen in a cut or herpes sore = no risk.  
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You should not be having any sexual contact while having an active outbreak because you will infect your partner with your herpes! Your partner should be the one who is concerned because if they didn't have it before then you've just infected them.
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Hi Chima7 & CurfewX

Thanks for your advise. I will make sure I don't have any active outbreak  before involved with any sexual contact. Based on my exposure, can i move on now from worried about hiv transmission?

I'm facing with lots of symptom now. hopefully because I'm stressed and anxiety.
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