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Precum on the outside of condom


I had a protected vaginal sex with a guy unknown HIV status. We had foreplay for 10 minutes. Then he removed his cloths and opened a condom packet.
At the start he placed condom on top of penis in wrong direction as it wouldn't roll over.
He realized it, turned it and rolled it in correct direction. While putting it in wrong way his precum was placed over outside of the condom.
then he applied some lube and penetrated. after sometime he ejaculated in the condom.
1. What is my risk for HIV here as precum on outside of condom entered my vagina?
2. is this act can be considered same as unprotected sex?
3. Can precum/semen come outside of condom and enter my vagina during last strokes and cause HIV infection?
4. Do I need PEP treatment and does this warrant a testing?

I found one similar post below and doctor Hook says its a risk and warrants testing. I'm confused.


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It is nowhere NEAR the same risk as unprotected sex, and Dr. Hook only suggested testing because that member was a repeat visitor who had displayed extreme anxiety.  You will note that he said PEP was not at all recommended.

It is, at worse, EXTREMELY low risk since fluid that has been outside of the body loses the ability to infect almost immediately.   The extreme low risk of this activity, coupled with the fact that most people are not HIV+, is not worth any real concern.

Test if it will give you peace of mind, but that's really the only reason to test.
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Thank you very much CurfewX. I thought this is zero risk for practical purpose looking at some similar threads.

In the mentioned thread, Dr. Hook says - If he is negative, your risk for HIV is miniscule (at least less and 1 in 100,000 I would estimate). Did he mean if the other person is positive?

When you say EXTREMLY low risk,  it does not warrant HIV testing right?
and you recommend it only so that I could get peace of mind from the negative results?
Of COURSE the risk estimate is based on the other person being positive.  The risk would be zero if the other person were negative.  

I wouldn't test following this event, but it is a personal choice to do so if  you need to test in order to forget about the event and move on.
Hi, I read your journal and only risks you say are unprotected anal and vaginal sex.
What made you change your analysis that this is a risk. Doctor in other thread also said there is a risk. Why doctor says this is a risk situation.
I didn't change my mind.  I don't know of anyone infected this way, so it's basically a theoretical risk.  This is why I suggested that you only test for peace of mind.  Your test will be negative.

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