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Precum over condom during Anal sex risk

Can I get hiv if while wearing condom it touched the guy's precum over dickhead ,though before having anal sex(gay sex)I sucked the condom over penis once then he inserted it inside me.
Though I after half hour of sex I fingered my anus with dettol but then while doing so it caused bleeding!(I applied dettol thinking if it could prevent chances of hiv infection inside my anus)
I'm really scared please someone tell me what's the risk or chance of catching hiv from this incident.
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No reason to be scared as you had ZERO risk for HIV.  HIV is spread in very specific ways which include having unprotected anal or vaginal sex or sharing IV needles to inject drugs.  Anything on the condom such as precum or on his finger would not transmit the virus as air inactivates it.  It simply does not transmit this way.  So, you had zero risk
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