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Precum to eye?

Hello sorry again but I had a recent incident and want some clarification on risk.
I was giving this guy a handjob and midway through he grabbed my hand that I was jerking with and kind of made me rub my face with it?? Anyways I feel like because of this some precum may have rubbed into my eye (because there was notable precum) and I was just wondering what risk this posed. I’m not sure how long the precum was exposed to the air. I did not have penetrative or even oral sex.
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No risk. That is not how HIV is spread. Furthermore, there has never been a case of HIV transmitted in this way and you will not be the first.  In an adult, only unprotected penetrative anal or vaginal sex and sharing IV drug needles with infected users carry a possible risk for HIV. Nothing else that isn't one of those risk factors I've listed will result in HIV. I suggest seeking out counseling if you're unable to accept these facts.
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Thank you in the same vain I just accidentally grazed s bathroom trash Can with my hands and then touched my hair. If there was blood and I transferred it to my hair and then my hair got in my eyes would that pose a risk?
I've already answered that question. Please read my first reply again carefully as there's no reason to repeat myself.
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