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Pretty odd symptoms. Maybe HIV or some other infectious disease

Hi. I am an 18 years old male. I have never had sex, but I do present some odd symptoms that may lead to hiv/aids. I have a white tongue, and pretty often when I wake up I have a sore throat. Nothing interesting came up other than the fact that I have a lower than usual count of white blood cells (the doctor said it was nothing to be worried about). When I was a kid I had bronchitis pretty often. Now it seems that I don't have it anymore. Or maybe that's the cause of my white tongue / sore throat. I don't really know. I'm just looking for some opinions, even though I'll be going to my pediatrician on Monday
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If you haven't had unprotected sex and aren't an IV drug user and these are the only things going on I think it's very very very unprobably you have HIV
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There is zero chance of HIV and your doctor will tell you that, just as he said the white blood cells are irrelevant. Self diagnosis is likely to be incorrect, so perhaps your symptoms are in your imagination.
You interact with other people so occasional sore throats are to be expected so relax, while waiting for your doctor to review your situation.
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