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Prophylaxis after broken condom

I'm a 24 year old homosexual male, who tested negative for HIV. I had anal sex with a 28 year old male, and I was the receptive partner. He used a condom, but saliva was used instead of a real lubricant. The condom broke, but I didn't discover that until right afterward. He did ejaculate inside of me, but sex did not continue after that.

He claims to have been tested 6 months ago (negative), always use protection, and have sex very infrequently. I asked him about his status beforehand. I have no particular reason to trust him, but he does seem like a levelheaded person. There was no apparent bleeding, but I know that doesn't mean much.

Rest assured, I will never go without water-based lubricant again. I really don't know what I was thinking.. I've just never actually seen a condom break before, and it didn't occur to me that going "dry" would make a difference.

I know I'm not a good candidate for post-exposure prophylaxis given his recent negative result, but other than having him get tested.. is there anything else I could have done immediately afterwards ("first aid for non-occupational exposures")? Everything I can think of runs the risk of damaging the epithelial tissue as it kills the virus, or even just flushing ejaculate further into the colon. Should I take a mild laxative? Eat lots of gentle fiber? Use aloe vera or glycerin to speed healing of the mucosa?  I know I won't get an answer within time to do anything on this occasion, but i'd like to know so that I can spread good information and be prepared if this somehow were to ever happen again.

Finally, are there any herbal remedies that have even the slightest evidence of anti-HIV action when taken by mouth? I've started taking bitter melon and st. johns wort capsules, but only because I eat bitter melon occasionally anyway.. and am not taking any drugs that would interact with St. John's wort. I'll also be drinking a lot of green tea. Turmeric eat a lot of anyway, but i'll go out of my way to take it.

Also, if I'm being a paranoid weirdo, feel free to let me know of that too.
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There is nothing that you can do other than take PEP within 72 hours. However, if it were me in that situation I would not take PEP due to the facts that you stated. Rather, I would just have a test 3 months post exposure.
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