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Protected anal sex

Hi, i have had protected anal sex 5 days ago with a transgender . I was bottom and used a durex condom with lotion it lasted for less than two minutes he didn’t cum during the sex . I also went ahead and took pep since i was worried. Am i at risk if condom didn’t break?
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Reread the advice from Guitar - Then ask yourself if it broke wide open. After you say nope, move on back to your happy life.
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"because i read few people on here got small tears but not full blown" Provide the link for that please.
Thank you . You can use the search tool on here ( condom tear) and you will find few people stated that they found small tears not full blown condom ! I’m sure the condom i used didn’t break wide open it was covering the whole thing even the tip of condom was there . I was just reading some people said they had small tears on the sides or middle so i was cruise !
Because i used massage oil & I learned it increases the chance of broken condom .
We already answered your question and that answer won't change.  You used a condom, only the head of your penis needs to be covered and condoms don't get micro tears.  You had no risk, no matter how many times you add to your question.
We rely on the opinion of expert doctors so do not pay attention to search tools that posters link otherwise we will be here arguing all day about their claims. No one knows if these people exist and we do not have any interest in investigating since expert doctors have advised this does not happen.
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I agree that PEP was unnecessary.  That is a hard drug to take with a hefty list of side effects.  You did not have any risk of HIV from your exposure.  The only ways HIV is transmitted is through unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  You had protected anal.  The condom didn't break as you would absolutely know if that happened.  They break wide open.  It's very noticeable.  I'd consider if discontinuing pep would be in your best interest.  It was irresponsible for the doctor to give you pep for a non exposure.  You had no risk.
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I was worried that the condom had small tear that I couldn’t see . I know for sure that condom after sex was intact I even asked the guy yesterday if condom broke he said it didn’t for sure . He also assured me that he didn’t even cum during the sex . he finished later I witnessed it! . He also told me his last test was in February & his next test is in October due to government requirements. So let’s assume that’s he’s %70 hiv+ and that condom had little hole but he didn’t cum during the act pre cum only. I got worried because i read few people on here got small tears but not full blown!! Only reason I went on PEP .
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Find a new doctor and your life will improve. This one doesn't care about you. He gave you PEP to get you out of his office. You need to see a therapist for anxiety, instead of taking a chemical drug as a placebo. You can't get hiv when you used a condom and the doctor knows that.
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Did you tell the doctor you used a condom so he could discuss your situation?
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I did tell him ,but he knows that i had anxiety  experience before  .so he said if that helps you i will give PEP and i’m on my 4th day.
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